3 Keys to Harmonious Holidays with Your Family

with Allison Keeley

Wednesday, Dec. 6

10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern

Want to Make Sure Your Upcoming Holidays Bring Joy, Not Tension?

Holidays are the time of year when family gathers to connect and bond, intended to be full of love and joy.

These same gatherings are also somewhat infamous for hosting enough drama that they are painful to attend.

Communication and planning is the key to hosting delightful events that friends and family will look forward to instead of avoiding.

If you are tired of family holidays you dread and are ready to create ones you look forward to instead…

Now is the time!

In this FREE masterclass, you will learn...

  • 3 tips to set your family communication up for success

  • how to reinvent situations that trigger you

  • how to create new, meaningful rituals

What Others Say

Allison has a keen eye for gaps in our social dynamics - and is able to bridge those gaps with calm, logical framework helping clients understand the relationship dynamics motivating bad behavior and circumstances around missed cues. Three Keys to Harmonious Holidays with Your Family is valuable in a variety of workplace situations as well as the Thanksgiving Dinner Table!

I was impressed at Allison’s ability to include those of us with small children who are navigating social dynamics, and her sheer breadth of consideration for all the situations that happen at something like a traditional family gathering.

A well-placed conversation may or may not be immediately effective, but it can start shifting the family culture toward more harmony.  — Rachel H

About Your Host

Allison Keeley

Allison Keeley is a Professional Communication Coach and Trainer, and veteran public speaker. Her fascination with human language and communication began when she lived in Europe as a young child; everyone spoke more than one language and none of the television was in English! She also had a lifelong love affair with animals.

While pursuing a degree in Social-Psycho Linguistics, Allison explored opportunities to work with wild and domestic animals. This exploration led her into a career that spanned more than 20 years, interacting with the animals and the public as a zookeeper and trainer.

The unique approach that Allison uses to help her clients understand and dissolve their communication blocks is a direct result of her understanding of how humans and animals communicate. She combines insights from the animal kingdom with her own knowledge, skills, and intuition, helping people bridge the gaps created by communication misses that are often a result of our animal instincts.

3 Keys to Harmonious Holidays with Your Family

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